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Demon Fireworks

Stick or twist

Stick or twist

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Unleash an unforgettable spectacle with the Stick or Twist, a riveting display of pyrotechnic prowess from Primed Pyrotechnics. This marvel takes the exhilaration of a grand finale and amplifies it through every one of its 98 spectacular shots.

The Stick or Twist isn't just any firework - it's a compound spectacle that goes beyond the ordinary to create a sky masterpiece. Packed with over 2kg of explosive pyro powder, this pyrotechnic titan effortlessly ascends into the night sky, painting a canvas of mesmerising bursts coupled with resonating echoes that capture the imagination.

In true Primed Pyrotechnics fashion, Stick or Twist brings an element of unexpected delight to your display. As it progresses through its captivating performance, you'll be greeted by a spectacle of gleaming golden tourbillions, unravelling left and right to craft a level of mesmerising effects that leave you gasping in awe.

But the grandeur doesn't stop there! Stick or Twist continues its crescendo with an energetic series of zig-zagging crackling commotions, all fired in a distinctive 'Z' pattern. And just when you think the show is over, this firework juggernaut delivers a thrilling finale, unleashing two banks of sky-filling reports and crackles that will leave your audience applauding in admiration.

Stick or Twist from Primed Pyrotechnics is a category F3 firework, producing a dazzling and expansive display that is perfect for large outdoor gatherings.

In the game of pyrotechnic mastery, Stick or Twist is a guaranteed win. It’s a testament to the innovation and quality that Primed Pyrotechnics is renowned for, offering a blend of sight and sound that culminates in a celebration of the senses. You won't be going bust with Stick or Twist - you'll be securing a display that will be remembered long after the final echo fades away.

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Demon Fireworks

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